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Michael Darda, Chief Economist/Market Strategist, leads our team of notable strategists, and is one of the most quoted and well-known economists on the Street with a global coverage span. Strategists on our team frequently appear on CNBC/Bloomberg, and they meet regularly with CIOs and CEOs of our largest clients to provide their unique data, content, and insights.

Macroeconomic Analysis

Michael T. Darda, ROTH’s Chief Economist and Market Strategist, has a unique approach that combines macroeconomics with market strategy to deliver timely and high-impact actionable insights to clients. His research is designed to guide equity and fixed income investors toward higher risk-adjusted returns by determining where we are in “the cycle” using leading indicators, the credit markets and business cycle history to identify inflection points.

The macro research draws on an eclectic blend of forward-looking indicators and business cycle history to make 6-12 month calls on earnings, GDP, employment, stocks and fixed income markets.

Mr. Darda maintains frequent contact with a Washington D.C. – based contact network. These contacts are utilized to determine how the legislative process and policy decisions are likely to affect the markets and specific economic sectors.

ROTH clients have access to the following:

  • MACRO BRIEFS – Timely and high impact daily interpretations of economic data, policies and events.
  • STRATEGY REPORTS – These reports include a macro chart book, domestic investment strategy recommendations, asset allocation ideas and equity sector selections.
  • QUARTERLY CONFERENCE CALLS – Mr. Darda conducts conference calls for clients on a quarterly basis to review major themes and the indicators that drive them.

The research is aimed at relevant and timely events, focusing on themes and ideas that move markets.

Technical Strategy

JC O’Hara provides clients with actionable technical commentary on U.S. and global equities, commodities, interest rates and currencies. Mr. O’Hara looks at the market on a global basis, taking into account inter-market relationships, sentiment and seasonality, in addition to traditional technical indicators based on price.

Analysis is made on all timeframes to suit the needs of short-term traders as well as traditional institutional investors. Technical research is provided at the index and sector level, working down to single stocks and names under fundamental coverage. Special emphasis is placed on finding precise entry and exit points to enhance returns while limiting risk.

ROTH clients have access to the following:

  • MARKET COMMENTARY – Weekly report looking at big picture themes, as well as actionable ideas on the sector and single stock level for the upcoming week.
  • INTRA-DAY COMMENTARY – Constant monitoring of the market landscape from a technical perspective.
  • CUSTOM ANALYSIS – Technical Analysis of client’s portfolio or interest list highlighting key levels and inflection points to help with risk management.

Trading Desk Specialist

Charles Campbell, ROTH’s Trading Desk Specialist, presents a wide range of financial/nonfinancial data to identify the critical variables to the day’s trading session. Mr. Campbell provides the following commentary on a real time basis: analysis of global markets, trading desk color, implications of key economic indicators across asset classes, and evaluation of critical variables that decipher market tenor.  Charles frequently appears on CNBC’s Squawk Box, including as Guest Host, and has been referenced/quoted in both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Expertise and Product Offering Includes:

  • Comprehensive review of significant geopolitical news, unscheduled corporate developments, M&A activity, notable shareholder and activist activity, and earnings of companies (note titled “Overnight Commentary”)
  • Ability to understand and articulate succinctly qualitative dynamics that drive price action across equities, sovereign debt, currencies, and commodities, helping to paint a global picture for our clients
  • Intraday Market Updates

Event Driven/Risk Arbitrage

Michael Lesser, ROTH’s Event Driven Desk Analyst, closely follows the universe of event-driven opportunities to provided value-added analysis and actionable recommendations for clients. Mr. Lesser utilizes a strong understanding of transaction dynamics to assess the hurdles to completion in M&A and other catalyst-driven situations. While we analyze the entire transaction universe, we also closely collaborate with other groups within Roth when we can combine our work with industry insights to deliver highly differentiated content and trading ideas.

ROTH clients have access to the following:

  • Daily event driven updates
  • New M&A deal sheets
  • Intraday commentary
  • Monitoring of regulatory filings/dockets
  • Antitrust analysis
  • Reports highlighting notable spread changes
  • Event-driven calendar/week in review 

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