Managing Director, Chief Technical Strategist



JC O’Hara, CAIA, CMT, is the Chief Technical Strategist at ROTH, working closely with Michael Darda to fuse Economic and Business Cycle work with market-based timing strategy. His research looks to judge the future course of risk assets based purely on their own price action while ignoring the narrative, believing price movement reflects the plans and intentions of those who dominate it. The principles of his work are based on the analysis of price action. How does the market react to the battle that takes place daily between the true forces that govern all price changes, Supply and Demand? A large part of JC’s process is combining financial history with empirically driven data analysis in today’s modern world, attempting to simplifying the complex. For nearly two decades, JC has been one of Wall Street’s most sought-after market-based analyst, working with some of the industry’s most legendary investors. He is a frequent guest on CNBC and is often quoted in the financial press.


Joined Roth

February 2023


Rutgers University