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Custom Primary Research Studies Across Multiple Sectors

ROTH Quantitative Survey Group | QSG is an alternative research platform that enables us to design and deliver high quality customized/proprietary research for our clients. Led by 25+ year veteran, Wendy D. Farina, QSG’s custom studies are designed to specifically answer critical strategic and tactical questions about current consumer sentiment as well as behavior/near term spending intentions. ROTH’s library includes more than 300 active surveys covering more than 500 companies.

What We Do

  • Customized, investor-driven, analytically robust consumer and B2B surveys 
  • Statistically significant/large sample sizes; global reach
  • High-quality, company, industry and sector insights and data points
  • Global (15-20% of surveys are non-U.S.) reach with dozens of global panel partnerships allowing access to hard to reach target audiences 
  • Exclusive (one-on-one) and Co-commission (shared) projects
  • Anonymous/aggregated online responses, as well as "mixed mode" approach in which the survey is administered via independent live phone moderators when trying to reach a very low incidence
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  • Deeply experienced quantitative research team with multiple decades of experience in survey/market research/data analytics led by 25+ year veteran, Wendy D. Farina 
  • Provides an edge to facilitate and validate investment decisions
  • Speed (turnaround time approximately 2 weeks)
  • Cost (subscription or a la carte options)
  • Panel size/reach (private panel & global panel partnerships, including WebMD; access to millions)
  • Efficient/compliant replacement or supplement to expert networks
  • Utilize our "Mixed mode" approach, in which the survey is administered via independent live phone moderators when trying to reach a very low incidence 
  • More than 250 clients overall with ~100 active Private Equity clients over the past 5 years
  • More than 200 custom Due Diligence and Strategic Research projects for Private Equity/VC clients including Portfolio companies
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Primary Sector Coverage

  • Consumer (Staples & Discretionary)
  • Internet and Enterprise Software
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)
  • Healthcare
  • Other (Energy, Financials, Industrials, Business Services, etc.)
  • Can conduct custom surveys on any topic
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The ROTH Quantitative Survey Group is a differentiated research product that provides clients with the following critical advantages:

  • Flexibility – The ability to design (and scale) customized data inquiries via specific consumer targets/attributes allows the investor to achieve very specific research objectives.
  • Proprietary Information – The proprietary nature of the information, in addition to the depth, breadth and quantitative significance provides clients with an edge in gaining access to insights ahead of the market.
  • Efficiency – The cost and the speed of such access is unmatched. In some cases, the information can be gathered in as few as 48 hours and is extremely cost effective. In most cases, quantitatively significant research studies can be planned, designed, deployed, analyzed and finalized within one week.
  • Confirmation of Study Objectives & Survey Design – Prior to collecting information, confirmation of the detailed plan and specific survey questions will be presented to the client for final review, comments and sign-off.
  • Detailed/Final Analysis – A detailed final analysis will be compiled and presented to the client in report form. The analysis will include an interpretation of the results based on the original investment thesis/study objectives.
  • Communications with Clients – Client briefs, reports and papers are distributed via email, fax, and ground mail. Client inquiries are answered by phone or email, depending on the preference of the client. Ms. Farina is available to do conference calls, speaking engagements and meetings upon request.

For More Information, Contact:

Wendy Farina
Business Head, Quantitative Survey Group

Our Quantitative Survey Group Team

Wendy D. Farina leads all of our custom research at ROTH and has over 20 years of experience consulting to consumer brands and companies across many industries and sectors.

Brian V.S. McKenna

Managing Director, Quantitative Survey Group Sales

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Cheryl DeGroat

Executive Director, Quantitative Survey Group Sales

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Jane Friman

Vice President, Quantitative Survey Group Research Associate

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Isabella Luciano

Quantitative Survey Group Associate

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