Alexander Montano

Managing Director & Head of Energy Investment Banking



Alexander G. Montano is a Managing Director, Investment Banking at Roth Capital Partners. In this role, Mr. Montano will be responsible for the development of the firms energy/oil & gas investment banking practice, including cultivating client relationships, strategic planning and transaction management and execution.

Prior to joining Roth, Mr. Montano was a Managing Director at C. K. Cooper & Company directing their energy/oil & gas practice for over 15 years. During this time, he closed on $4 billion worth of transactions focused primarily in the oil and gas sector.

Prior to this role, Mr. Montano had been an equity analyst since 1991, focusing on smaller exploration and production companies since 1995. His comments and analysis have been quoted in such publications as Hart Oil & Gas Investor, CNNfn, New York Times, The Energy Report, Standard & Poor Platts Oilgram and various regional newspapers, including the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Houston Chronicle. In addition, Mr. Montano was rated a 5 Star, All Star Analyst by Zacks Investment Research in the 1st quarter of 2002 and top Oil Analyst by the Wall Street Journal in May of 2003.

Mr. Montano has traveled extensively around the world and has spoken on energy related topics in such venues as Germany and Nigeria. In addition, Mr. Montano is also a member of the Independent Producers Association of America (IPAA) and has been a regular speaker for the California Independent Producers Association (CIPA) on energy related topics.


Joined Roth

October 2013

Sector Focus