ROTH Corporate Services

About Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Team focuses on providing liquidity for our corporate clients. As a market maker of small-cap growth stocks we are able to provide liquidity, without adversely affecting the price of your stock. Our team’s strong trading and compliance background helps guide you through transactions with the utmost sensitivity and minimal market disruption. By leveraging our long-established relationships with institutional growth investors, as well as our Research, Trading and Investment Banking services, we are able to provide a solution that will meet and exceed our corporate clients’ needs.

Corporate Services

Executive & Private Client Services

Corporate Stock Buybacks Restricted Stock Sales
Employee Stock Option Programs Rule 10b5-1 Plans
Directed Share Programs Wealth Management
Corporate Cash Management Options Strategies / Hedging
Retirement Plans (401k) Full Financial Portfolio Evaluation
Fixed Income Products (Corporate, Municipal, Treasury and Agency Bonds)
ROTH Corporate Services

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