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ROTH Capital Partners Releases its 2017-2018 Millennial Survey

Sixth annual proprietary survey examines current trends and
spending patterns across six consumer categories


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., November 6, 2017 --- ROTH Capital Partners ("ROTH"), a full service investment bank focused on advising and financing growth companies, is pleased to announce the release of its 2017-2018 Millennial Survey, its sixth annual proprietary survey examining current trends and spending patterns across six consumer categories including infant and juvenile products; dining and restaurants; fitness and wellness; food, beverage and grocery; fashion, personal care and décor; and pet products and services. The survey, conducted in partnership with Research Now, features 175 questions and was completed by 1,007 Millennial-aged women and men.

Key findings from the ROTH Millennial Survey include:

  • 74% of Millennials think the economy will be the same or better next year

  • Millennials primarily find ideas on which products or brands to purchase through websites/apps and social media

  • 32% of Millennials prefer to shop online, while 43% research online before buying in-store

  • 71% of Millennials believe a significantly enhanced retail experience would increase their in-store visits and purchases

  • 54% of Millennials are comfortable purchasing entertainment & media online, 47% are willing to purchase apparel online, and 22% are comfortable buying groceries online

  • 46% of Millennials belong to a subscription service for purchasing products, while 22% use sharing economy services besides ride-sharing apps

  • Babies “R” Us is the retailer that best serves Millennials’ baby product needs, followed closely by Amazon and Target

  • 45% of Millennials use a third-party delivery service to order take-out, with 69% of those using Grubhub or Uber Eats

  • 36% of Millennials regularly stream a fitness class or exercise through an app or in-home equipment

  • Walmart is the grocer that best serves Millennials’ needs, followed by traditional grocers and Amazon/Whole Foods

  • 21% of Millennials have used a meal-kit delivery service, while 7% plan to within 3 months

  • 56% of Millennials own pets and 50% of those have purchased pet products from Amazon in the past 12 months

"Millennials view the world differently and are spending more than other generations. The most promising consumer brands understand these differences and have attracted significant capital from institutional investors," said Paul Zaffaroni, Managing Director of Consumer Investment Banking at ROTH.

"Millennials seek out experiences and prefer brands that speak to them, versus products that retailers choose to offer them,” said David M. King, CFA, Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst at ROTH. "Winning brands are those that forge authentic connections, market experientially, and exploit the new path to purchase through social media and evolving e-distribution models."

"Millennials are shaping our current environment and setting the stage for the subsequent generation. Understanding underlying Millennial thought processes and trends is vital to consistent investment returns in today’s marketplace" said David B. Bain, Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst at ROTH.

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